1962 Fender Stratocaster- Not A Reissue

1993 Fender Strat Plus Caribbean Mist No Case
1993 Fender Strat Plus Caribbean Mist No Case
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1995 Fender Strat Plus Stratocaster Electric Guitar Blue Pearl Dust Finish
1995 Fender Strat Plus Stratocaster Electric Guitar Blue Pearl Dust Finish
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JMS Bigsby style Fender Strat style
JMS Bigsby style Fender Strat style
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1992 Fender Strat Plus Blue Pearl Dust
1992 Fender Strat Plus Blue Pearl Dust
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1997 Fender Strat Ultra Original Stratocaster
1997 Fender Strat Ultra Original Stratocaster
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1988 Fender Strat Stratocaster Guitar Lake Placid Blue Finish grlc1129
1988 Fender Strat Stratocaster Guitar Lake Placid Blue Finish grlc1129
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Fender Strat with Roland GR 33 33
Fender Strat with Roland GR 33 33
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1987 Fender Strat Plus Lake Placid Blue Lace Wilkinson TBX Rare
1987 Fender Strat Plus Lake Placid Blue Lace Wilkinson TBX Rare
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To make things easier for all of us, the report from George Gruhn's shop in Nashville follows - verbatim

October 30, 2010

This instrument has been personally inspected by George Gruhn, Travis Egnor of the Gruhn sales staff, and Derek Zelenka of the Gruhn repair staff

The guitar described below is, in our opinion, a Fender Stratocaster model made in the year 1962.

Serial number 86930. The body of this guitar has no visible nail holes or paint stick mark th the neck pocket. The lack of nail holes is a transition feature possible in 1962 and the pickguard with a screw hole close to the middle pickup is also a transition feature which is consistent with 1962. While the pickguard is the right size and shape, the white plastic rather than greenish white is not consistent with 1962. The body finish which is green metallic color clearly does not appear to be original. The body shows signs of sanding which has rounded some countours and the texture of the finish with considerable "orange peel" and a rough texture under the pickguard is not consistent with original Fender finish. There are signs of significant over-sanding on the corners of the neck pocket shelf and there is sunburst finish under the greenish finish which is visible in the neck pocket. An area roughly 2 inches below the tremolo on the top of the body measuring  approximately 2.25" x 1.5 inches has inconsistent coloration. The neck conforms to correct original specifications with curved rosewood fingerboard with clay dot inlays and spaghetti logo peghead decal and Kluson Deluxe tuners. The finish on the back of the neck appears to have been sanded lightly. The nut has been shimmed. The neck has been refretted and and the radius of the fingerboard is inconsistent as a result and the fingerboard is rather thin. The clay dot at fret positions three, five, seven, and nine have had the centers punched out. A shim has been removed from the heel of the neck which left paper stuck to the surface. All pots are stamped 1376346 indicating that these components were made in the 46th week of the year 1963. The pots are caked with solder on the terminals which does not appear to be consistent with Fender factory work and are not the type used by Fender. There is an added capacitor. A braided wire has been added across the ground for all three pots and spliced onto the jack leads of all of which have been replaced. The instrument has been completely rewired non-professionally. There is no shielding plate under the pickguard. There is an added red plastic coated ground wire which runs from the tone pot casing to the vibrato claw. The bridge pickup appears to be rewound. The pickup covers appear to be correct. Springs have been added in place of the surgical tubing on the pickup mountins. The pickup leads our tied with string rather than tape which is not correct. The switch is the correct type, but all the terminals have excess solder inluding ones that are unused. The G Rodriguez stamp on the pickguard indicates it was very likely made in the 1970's. The original bridge plate, saddles and screws are included in the case pocket. The bridge cover is also included. The strap buttons are a Gibson style rather than Fender. The trmolo cavity cover, screws, and tremolo bar are in the case. There are three replaced pickguard screws. The case appears to date from the late 1960's early 70's. Since this instrument has been very highly modified, its primary appeal would be as a utility tool rather than a collector's item.

Current market value $7500 (seven thousand five hundred dollars)


So, there you go.... George Gruhn and company have said it so.....


The pickup switch is "spotty", and by that I mean when you go back and forth between pickups, there's some static and dropout.

The tremolo block is breaking the plane of the back of the body- I had my guitar tech put 4 springs in to lock down the bridge. Consequently, the cover plate is removed- it's in the case.

The original bridge comes, too, it's in  the case, but I put a period-correct bridge I purchased in the late 70's (BEFORE all the retro/repro insanity started) on, simply because the original was so rusted that it was (my opinion) interfering with the tone. You'll get the original bridge, so if you want to "go back", you can.

There is finish crazing in the outer clear coat- I think it's visible in some of these photos.

Pickup output readings (from the included "field notes" Gruhn's made): Neck = 5.98   Middle = 6.21   Bridge = 5.54 ....I talked to Travis on the phone a few days after the inspection, and he said he thought the pickups were original, however, don't forget that one was rewound....

The neck reads: 2 SEPT 62 B



I bought it in the late 70's, perhaps as late as 1980... It has only been taken apart twice on my watch- Once, when my guitar tech was doing his inspection and setup, and once at Gruhn's. I've kept her with me at all times, and she's been well taken care of.... I've not added nor subtracted anything other than the bridge, so you're getting her as I found her...


HERE'S WHAT YOU GET: Everything you see in the first photo- All that you'd expect, including the tremolo cover plate, vibrato arm, spring cover plate, screws AND the original bridge. You also get the Gruhn report from which the above description was copied, and the actual "field notes" from the inspection...


OK, you've probably gotten to the point where you're saying "Enough reading, 438, what about price, shipping, etc.?" Here goes:

I'm putting in 25 dollars as shipping cost because Ebay makes you put SOMETHING in the box or you can't continue... SO, it goes like this... I'll pay for the insurance... IF anything happens to the box, REFUSE the shipment, and I'll take it up with UPS. Someone will have to sign for this, so don't forget..... someone has to be there......

I've set the price at Gruhn's value... When you consider what you're getting in spite of all the rework, it's STILL a '62, and you're getting it for a lot less than if it was pristine.... Please, no "lowball" offers.


AND NOW FOR A WORD FROM THE LEGAL DEPARTMENT:  PLEASE, Paypal only, and you are expected to pay within 24 hours of the sale. PLEASE, no international sales. PLEASE, do not bid if you don't intend to pay, PLEASE, no "squirrely stuff".... You know, "Can you ship it to my mother who lives in Angkor Wat, and after the 15th of next month, she'll send you the money- IN RUBLES?" PLEASE, don't ask me to end it early, don't make me an offer, don't offer a trade. The guitar is offered "AS IS", simply because, and I'm sorry to say, there are some unscrupulous types in this world who would use this as an opportunity to "swap out" parts from this guitar with their own...


I can't think of any more to tell you, I figure George & Co. pretty much covered it all... If you have any questions, please feel free to write....  



 PS... IF you live within a reasonably insane distance from Chicago (400-500 miles, say), we can talk about my driving the guitar to you personally- Yes, I'm THAT "guitar crazy".... I know I'd consider doing it myself if I was BUYING, so the least I can do is the same when SELLING.....

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